Our Story

I started my brand after running a jewelry business where I was selling at shows and live venues and found I was not satisfied. I wanted to run a business that would help others in their journey through life. My brand was created to help those who are in need of emotional, physical and spiritual help. So many people are lost in life, trying to think their way through and force happiness and joy into their lives when they really need to stop and relax. Pick the one thing they want most and imprint this in their mind, then meditate on the thought. The crystals each have a purpose and are there to focus the intention. So whether you are balancing the chakras or just carrying the stone you have a point of focus. Take the appropriate stone with you during the day, carrying it in your pocket. When you put your hand in the pocket you feel the stone and remember what you really want. Now your thoughts and your sub conscience mind are reminded and will work toward this goal.
Jill Dozier - Founder